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Inka Land Adventures

Sacred Valley of the Incas is surrounded by a lot of huge, spectacular and beautiful lagoons. It is thus that the idea arose to take advantage of this great potential and to form a Center that offers the possibility to take advantage of them, Inka Land Adevntures. Our center, located on the Maras Town, offers an unequaled environment with a view to the snowy mountains of Veronica, Chicón and Salkantay in a space with all the comforts to enjoy the services we offer: Activities in Wather – Earth – Air. All activities are suitable for families with a very low risk and in ideal conditions. We also have the best equipment for practicing activities and with the most qualified guides.

Our Mission

Our mission is to satisfy every client, every time, throughout outstanding, personalized service preserving at all time the eco system around us as well as giving the opportunity to local communities to work with us in a coordinated way. Our commitment is to exceed the expectations of all of our clients at all time.


Our Team

20170323_102458Our staff is conformed by a selected group of professionals on all the levels of the company, well accredited by its association or institution. The experience of all our members on this activity makes possible to offer the best adventure experiences in Peru. We take special care on our guides and tour leaders. They all are well recognized guides and leaders in Peru and they have the knowledge and experience required to satisfy our client’s requirements. On the same way, at our office, we have professional people working for you to ensure that your stay with us is going to be very delightful and you will enjoy the adventure plentifully

Sustainable Tourism

Being a responsible adventure and eco tour operator is one of our main objectives and principles. All the adventures we offer has as their main objective to maintain the eco system and preserve it. We offer low-impact tours that benefit traveler and host alike.

We work very closely with local communities, businesses and individuals to develop sustainable tourism opportunities that help local economies while minimizing negative environmental and cultural impacts.

Part of Inka Land Adventures operating philosophy is to respect the communities, their people

 and their landscapes in which we operate. We do this by acting in a

 manner that is environmentally, socially and economically responsible.