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Cusco Enduro

Peru is one of the best places on earth for mountain biking. We have the Andes Mountains that gives us stunning landscapes with big glaciers and deep valleys and we have also the ancient network of trails with an approximate age of 1,000 years old. Those ancient trails are raw and eroded though the years and you must think fast to choose the right lines! There is nothing manicured there and you have many lines to choose! The people and the culture is also unique with civilizations that have developed thousands of years ago and they still live following their ancient way of living. The people is friendly and warmly, sometimes they offer us fresh potatoes that have been cooked in the ground right next to their farms. We will have time to spend some time with the local people and learn a bit of their way of living.

• Ride on ancient Inca and pre-Inca trails with around 1,000 years old.
• Ride on remote locations where civilization is hours away.
• Two mountain passes (from one valley to the other) including the famous Salkantay pass reaching an elevation of 4,640m (15,223 ft.).
• Impressive and unique landscapes with big valleys, huge glaciers and deep canyons.
• Two experienced mountain bike guides that will take you safe and with a lot of fun.
• Reach Machu Picchu hiking through the jungle form Santa Teresa to Aguas Calientes.
• Main locations: Cusco, Sacred Valley, Lares, Limatambo, Salkantay Mountain and Machu Picchu.
• Tour to Machu Picchu is included on the tour price.

Day 1: Reception in Cusco and transfer to hotel.
Depending on your arrival time to Cusco, we will be waiting for you at the airport of Cusco and then transfer to your hotel. If you are arriving early into Cusco we can plan a short ride (or a couple of rides) in the afternoon to stretch out those legs and get used to the elevation of Cusco.

Day 2: Potato Park (Pisac).
It’s time to get serious in this tour. Today we go towards the village of Pisac where we will ride three amazing ancient trails that starts on top of the mountains. The three trails that we will be riding, start next to a different dam each and above 4,000m (13,123 ft.). These trails are super fun, flowy but also rocky and with lots of rock steps. We will also pass through small villages in middle of the mountains. At the end of the day we stay on a cozy hotel in the village of Pisac. There will be chance to explore the town at night and who knows make a unique hike towards the main Inca site.
Distance: 18Km; total climbs: 25m; ottal descend: 1,800m; average time: 3 hr; elevation between 3,450m and 4,200m.

Day 3: Lamay Valley.
Early in the morning, after a nutritious breakfast, we leave Pisac on our bus and we go through the Sacred Valley until we reach the small village of Lamay. There are two amazing ancient trails in this area that starts from the top of the mountains “Cordillera Vilcanota” at an elevation of 4,350m (14,272 ft.) and goes all the way down to the village of Lamay. We will have lots of rock steps as well as smooth and flowy singletrack with some off-the-trail riding to find our way to descend through the mountains.
Trail 1: Distance: 8.75Km; total climbs: 70m; total descent: 980m; average time: 2Hr; elevation between 3,000m y 4,340m.
Trail 2: Distance: 8.9Km; total climbs: 7m; total descent: 945m; average time: 1.5Hr; elevation between 3,000m y 4,150m.

Day 4: Patalares Trail.
This is one of the most amazing trails in Cusco that we found a few years ago and it goes from the Sacred Valley to the Lares Valley. Yes, today we will make our first pass of the Cordillera Vilcanota from the high lands of Ollantaytambo to the hot springs of Lares. This trail that we found a few years ago is a true epic adventure. We start riding at an elevation of 4,300m (14,108 ft.) with a climb of 150m in 5Km. (not that bad!). Then comes a LONG descent from the top of the mountains to the hot springs of Lares where we will enjoy the rest of the afternoon relaxing on those therapeutic pools. At the end of the day, we will set up our camp site next to the hot springs and then set up the fire.
Distance: 25Km; total climbs: 160m; total descent: 1,800m; average time: 5Hr; elevation between 2,750 y 4,450m.

Day 5: Lares Downhill.
Early in the morning after breakfast, we leave the hot springs to return to the Sacred Valley riding the famous Inca trail from Lares to Sacred Valley. We start from the top of the mountains at an elevation of 4,450m (14,600 ft.) descending all the way to the Sacred Valley following this amazing ancient Inca trail. We pass though different type of terrains until we reach the town of Calca in the Sacred Valley. After lunch, we will go for one more descent and discover more Inca sites!
Distance: 29Km; total climbs: 25m; total descent: 2,300m; average time: 5Hr; elevation between 2,970 y 4,450m.

Day 6: Racchi + Maras 1 + Maras 2 + Moray Trails.
Today we stay close to the hotel riding different Inca trails that descends to the Sacred Valley. Each trail is different from the other experiencing many different types of terrains combined with magnificent views and Inca sites all around! We will descend more than 2,000m!

Day 7: Limatambo and Mollepata Trails on our way to Salkantay.
Today we start with one of the most amazing mountain bike adventures in Peru. We leave the Sacred Valley to go towards Salkantay Mountain with 6,271m (20,574 ft.) and the Humantay Mountain with 5,890m (19,324 ft.). On our way to this amazing place we will ride two different trails. The first one is on the Main Inca trail that goes to the village of Limatambo and the second trail is from our camp site to the village of Mollepata. At the end of the day we return to Soraypampa, our camp site located at an elevation of 3,900m (12,795 ft.) and right next to the glaciers.
Trail 1: Distance: 14.9Km; total climbs: 80m; total descent: 1,340m; average time: 2Hr; elevation between 2,560m y 3,840m.
Trail 2: Distance: 20Km; total climbs: 195m; total descent: 1,670m; average time: 3Hr; elevation between 2,970m y 3,890m.

Day 8: Salkantay Trail.
This is probably the best ride you can make in America or in the entire world! Early in the morning we will meet our porters, put our bikes in mules and start hiking to the Salkantay Pass located at 4,640m (15,223 ft.). Once on the top, we will put our bikes together and start a 6 hours amazing/epic descent towards the Amazon Jungle and reach the hot springs of Colcamayo located near the village of Santa Teresa at 1,400m (4,593 ft.). We will pass from the high lands of the Andes where the air is thin, cold and dry to the upper Amazon Jungle where the air is very humid and hot!
Distance: 50.3Km; total climbs: 1,250m; total descent: 3,650m; average time: 9Hr; elevation between 1,400 y 4,640m.

Day 9: Machu Picchu.
Early in the morning after breakfast, we leave the hot springs and our vehicle is going to take us to Hidroelectrica where we will start a 3 hours hike that will take us to the famous Machu Picchu, considered as one of the new 7 wonder on earth. We will visit this amazing site plus an extra hike up to Huayna Picchu mountain (if there is availability). Late in the afternoon we will return by train to our base in Sacred Valley.

Day 10: Transfers out.
The trip has reach to the end and it’s time to say good bye. An airport transfer will be organized according on your departure time.

• 6 nights at 3* hotels or similar.
• 3 nights of camping (Lares, Soraypampa and Colcamayo).
• Private transportation during the whole tour. It includes airport transfers in and out. Note: Transfer out only included on day 10.
• All breakfasts and lunches during the trip.
• Dinners on camping days: 4, 7 and 8.
• Snacks, fresh fruits, water and Gatorade during the whole trip.
• Two experienced guides at all time. They will assist you when needed and help you improve your mountain bike skills. Our guides are also expert mechanics and can solve any problem with the bikes.
• Beers at the end of each ride.
• Admission fees to all the sites visited on our tour: Maras, Tarawasi, Salkantay and hot springs.
• Machu Picchu Tour: admission fee, train, bus and private guiding.
• Communication devises (GPS, satellite phone, 2 way radios, etc.).
• Bike Mechanic with tools and kit of spare parts.
• Brushes, rugs and oil to keep the bikes shining and in good conditions.


Junio 13, 2017

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