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Huaraz Enduro

Huaraz is one of those magic places in the Andes Mountains where you can practically make any outdoor sport. It is located on the “Callejon de Huaylas” at 3,000 meters of elevation between the White Mountain Range and the Black Mountain Range. The White Mountain Range is the most spectacular part of the Andes Mountains that holds the highest tropical glaciers in the world like Huascaran Mt. with 6,869 meters.
In both mountain ranges we have selected trails that goes from 4,500 meters to the bottom of the valley in the city of Huaraz. There are pre-Inca sites with more than 3,000 years old! Come and discover one of the best spots in Peru for mountain biking.

• Inca and pre-Inca trails with more than 3,000 years old!
• Ride from the top of the White Mountain Range and the Black Mountain Range.
• Small groups.
• Local mountain bike guides that will take you safe and with a lot of fun.
• Impressive views of the mountains and the highest tropical glaciers on earth.

Day 1: Reception at the Airport and transfer to the hotel.
Most flights coming from North America and Europe arrive late at night, between 10 PM and midnight. Our driver will be waiting for you at the airport with a sign and your names to give you the welcome and take you to your hotel located in Miraflores, a tourist place on the south part of Lima.

Day 2: Transfer to Chiquian, “mirror of the sky”.
Early in the morning we leave Lima on our vehicle to drive to the small village of Chiquian which is the entrance of the “Callejon de Huaylas” and Huaraz. We will spend almost all day traveling north Lima and doing some interesting stops on the way. We will have amazing views of the glaciers up in the Andes Mountains. Once in Chiquian, we will set up the bikes and leave them ready for the next day.

Day 3: The Bandit Trail.
This is an impressive trail that goes along a steep mountain with spectacular views of the Huayhuash Mountain Range and the Yerupaja Mountain with 6,654 meters tall. There is an interesting story about this trail that we will tell you once there. We will reach the hidden spot of this bandit and next to that place is a natural spring where we can fill out our water bottles. In the afternoon we will leave Chiquian on our vehicle and transfer to Huaraz where we will stay for the next 4 nights.

Day 4: Callan Punta and Pitec Trails.
Early in the morning, we leave the hotel towards the Black Mountain Range for our first ride. This trail starts at 4,200 meters and we will ride an ancient pre-Inca trail with more than 3,000 years old! This is an impressive trail that was built by the Chavin culture and we will descend all the way until we reach Huaraz. In the afternoon we will go for a second ride on the upper part of the White Mountain Range and follow angain an ancient trail with many rock steps and passing by small villages.

Day 5: Huascaran Footsteps.
Today we will ride All-Mountain across the Huascaran Mountain and descending to the village of Ranrahirca. On our ride we will have one of the most spectacular views of the Huascaran Mountain on top of us! We will ride over some farmers trails, pass by a coal mine next to the trail and finally reach Ranrahirca following a nice and flowy descent.

Day 6: Llanganuco – Huascaran National Park.
This is maybe the most amazing Enduro ride in Peru with more than 30Km long and starting at 4,750 meters, next to the Huascaran Mountain. We will descend part of the Huascaran Mountain and of course we will have all different type of terrains until we reach the village of Yungay at the bottom of the valley. It will be very impressive when we reach Llanganuco Lake and cross a Queuña trees forest on the way.
Day 7: Shecta.
Early in the morning, after we take breakfast, we leave Huaraz on our bus towards Recuay and then we start climbing on the Cordillera Negra to make this ride that is one of the newest trails we have found here. At the end of the day we will return to Huaraz.

Day 8: Tapacocha.
Early in the morning, we leave Huaraz and we start returning to Lima. On our way, we will take a different road and reach the start of this amazing trail that will take us almost at the bottom of the mountains. This trail starts at 4,000 meters and it takes us near the coast following a super fun and flowy singletrack. We meet our bus at the bottom and then we continue our way to Lima.

Day 9: End of the tour, transfers out.
The trip has reach to the end and it’s time to say good bye. An airport transfer will be organized according on your departure time.

• 8 nights at 3* hotels or similar.
• Private transportation during the whole tour. It includes airport transfers in and out. Note: Transfer out only included on day 9.
• All breakfasts and lunches. (Breakfast and lunch on Machu Picchu day is not included due to availability).
• Snacks, fresh fruits, water and Gatorade during the whole trip.
• Two experienced guides at all time. They will assist you when needed and help you improve your mountain bike skills. Our guides are also expert in mechanics and can solve almost any problem with the bikes.
• Beers at the end of each ride.
• Communication devises (GPS, satellite phone, 2 way radios, etc.).
• Bike Mechanic with tools and kit of spare parts.
• Brushes, rugs and oil to keep the bikes shining and in good conditions.


Junio 13, 2017

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